Savor the Flavors: Best Vegetarian Restaurants in Istanbul Await

Step into Istanbul’s veggie paradise! We’re here to guide you through the city’s best vegetarian spots. Whether you’re a plant-based pro or just curious, discover delicious meat-free options and cozy places with great vibes. Istanbul’s vegetarian scene is full of tasty surprises, and we’ve found the top places for you. Join us on a food adventure to explore these hidden gems, taste some awesome Turkish flavors, and enjoy a new side of Istanbul. No matter your dietary preference, these restaurants are sure to make your taste buds happy. Let the veggie exploration begin!


A cozy vegan cafe and community art space

Kafenasanat is a cozy vegan cafe located in the Beşiktaş district of Istanbul. The cafe has a laid-back atmosphere with bohemian decor, and it is a popular spot for locals and tourists alike. The cafe is known for its vegan dishes, which are made with fresh and high-quality ingredients. The menu includes a variety of options, such as vegan burgers, wraps, salads, soups, and desserts. The portions are generous, and the prices are reasonable.

In addition to its food offerings, Kafenasanat also hosts various events and workshops. The cafe has a small stage where musicians and artists perform, and it also offers workshops on various instruments, such as guitar, ukulele, and drums. The cafe also hosts theme nights, such as movie nights, game nights, and open mic nights.

Kafenasanat has received positive reviews from visitors, who praise the cafe’s friendly staff, delicious food, and cozy atmosphere. The cafe is open daily from 10 am to 11 pm, and it is located near the Beşiktaş ferry terminal, making it easily accessible by public transportation. Overall, Kafenasanat is a great place to enjoy vegan food, relax, and socialize in Istanbul.

Coni & Co

Coni & Co is a restaurant located in Istanbul, Turkey

Coni & Co is a popular restaurant chain in Istanbul, Turkey, known for its vegetarian burger and fried chicken, which also has vegan options. The restaurant has several locations throughout the city, including in the trendy neighborhood of Kadikoy. Coni & Co offers online ordering through various platforms, such as Google Play, Yemeksepeti, and the App Store, making it easy for customers to order their food from the comfort of their own homes. The restaurant has received positive reviews from visitors, who praise the quality of the food and the friendly staff. Customers can also enjoy a variety of sides, such as fries, onion rings, and coleslaw, as well as desserts like brownies and ice cream. Overall, Coni & Co is a great option for vegetarians and vegans looking for delicious fast food in Istanbul.


Zencefil Restaurant, located in Beyoğlu, Istanbul, is a popular dining spot known for its Turkish and Mediterranean cuisine, with a focus on vegetarian and vegan options. Here’s a summary of the information available:

  • Cuisine: Zencefil offers a mix of Turkish and Mediterranean cuisine, with a strong emphasis on vegetarian and vegan dishes.
  • Location: The restaurant is situated in the Beyoğlu district, a vibrant and central area in Istanbul.
  • Features: Zencefil is known for its cozy atmosphere and good food. It’s a great choice for vegans looking for a place to dine and drink in Istanbul.
  • Breakfast: The restaurant is praised for its amazing breakfast options, making it a popular choice for a morning meal.

Basta! Neo Bistro

Basta! Neo Bistro, with locations in Istanbul is a vegetarian restaurant in Istanbul

Basta! Neo Bistro, with locations in Istanbul, including Kadıköy, is a culinary gem offering a delightful blend of inventive street cuisine and elegant dishes. Boasting at least two locations—one in Kadıköy and another centrally—the restaurant sources local produce to craft delicious and unique recipes.

This dining haven has garnered positive acclaim, with visitors praising not only the delectable dishes but also the casual yet elegant atmosphere. Its presence on TripAdvisor further solidifies its popularity, with high ratings and specific dish mentions like the “visneli kuzu” (sour cherry lamb). In summary, Basta! Neo Bistro stands out as a well-regarded choice in Istanbul, where local flavors shine in both street-inspired and refined culinary creations.

Lokanta Kru

Lokanta Kru, a vegetarian-friendly haven in Istanbul, entices with a diverse menu blending Mediterranean and Turkish flavors. While the precise location of Lokanta Kru remains elusive, its culinary counterpart, Lokanta Göktürk, basks in recognition from the 2024 MICHELIN Guide Türkiye.

Despite lacking specific reviews and ratings, Lokanta Kru’s sibling, Lokanta Göktürk, shines on TripAdvisor, ranking #26 out of 8,693 Istanbul restaurants with a commendable 4 out of 5 rating. While Lokanta Kru’s popularity details are absent, Lokanta Göktürk’s positive MICHELIN Guide mention hints at the former’s potential for exceptional vegetarian dining experiences. In summary, Lokanta Kru promises a flavorful journey, echoing the success of its acclaimed sibling in the culinary landscape.